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"I highlight that I'm really very happy with Networkme. Just to give you an idea, we have +50% more give or take traffic on the "We Want Your Brain" site than last year and twice as many applications!"
José Eduardo Basto
Employer Branding @ Natixis | Portugal

Improve and Accelerate your hiring process

The best candidates

You set the standards, we connect you with the Ideal Candidates

Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence, you will receive applications that are a fit for your entry-level positions.
Employer Branding

Make your company stand out and connect with the Next Generation of Talent

Boost Your Employer Branding
Show candidates your Culture through Company Games and Career Simulators, and make them want to be part of your mission.
Build Meaningful Connections
Create strong and long-lasting relationships between your brand and Future Talents through events, workshops, and challenges.
Data Driven & Easier Process

Make data-driven Employer Branding decisions

Access a real-time analytics tool to manage all the interactions with your future candidates.

Why choose Networkme?

Technology and tools to easily create interactive and differentiated content
Contribution to the development of students and young professionals
Targeted audience: students and recent graduates
Constant and personal support from our team
Data-driven platform to measure your Employer Branding efforts
Variety of young professionals from different schools, backgrounds and geographies
Platform focused on Employer branding
Other Applications
No access to technological tools to create interactive content
Broad and irrelevant audiences
Impersonal and indirect support
Inability to measure Employer Branding efforts based on data
Need a lot of efforts to publish in different school's platforms to reach more students
Platforms focused only on job board features


Shaping tomorrow, today
Sofia Passos
Project Manager
"Through the Networkme platform, SONAE manages to have its people directly involved in preparing students for their careers, with valuable knowledge in relation to the job market."
Business & technology
Beatriz Mochila
Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding
"With Networkme we are closer to students and the recruitment process is very interactive (we can post games, assessments, videos and everything else)."

Integrated approach to real estate
Miguel Cardoso
Talent Acquisition Specialist
“At Networkme we receive applications from candidates more aligned with our business, using tools such as screening questions, requirements and filters.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Have other questions? Contact us here so we can help.
How much does Networkme charge companies for the platform?

We have different subscription models depending on the company's needs. Contact our sales team and find out which plan would best fit you. Regardless of the plan, you will have access to unlimited candidates and hires.

Does Networkme support with the content creation on the platform?

We provide you easy-to-use tools for autonomous content creation together with personal support from our specialized team for the specific needs you may have.

How does the match between Young Professionals and Companies work?

We have a community with lots of Young Talents looking for their entrance into the job market and we have developed our own algorithm to best connect them to companies and specific opportunities, based on different data points.

What's the main advantage of having Networkme?

We provide a more qualified and centralised hiring processes, also with the chance to work on your Employer Branding.

How does Networkme have the best talents?

We work with the best educational partners and communities to attract the best talents for the companies. Thanks to our platform, we also provide young talents with the necessary tools for their professional growth and development.

Make your Employer Branding initiatives efficient

Networkme is the ultimate omnichannel for you to Interact, Connect and Hire the Young Talents that will build the future of your Company. Fill out the form on the side and get started.